Frequently asked

1What Services you have/offer?
We offer Commercial and Residential Contracting. Licensed as a AAA CONTRACTOR.
2How to get FREE Estimation?
For FREE Estimations, just contact our office and we can put something together as a Rough Estimate. For big projects and a Final Estimate there may be a fee required.
3What is our timeline for completion?
Jobs completions vary with size of the job. Usually range from 2 Weeks – 2 Years.
4What is the payment schedule?
Payments vary from job to job. Down payments usually 10-30%, Monthly draws based on completion. Small jobs the draws may vary from 1 to 2 times a week.
5What way would you like me to get in touch with you?
You may contact us by way of email, phone or other forms of communication.
6What steps will you take to protect my property?
Most projects require a bond / capitalization and contract so the client is always protected.
7Do you have a project timeline?
Each project has a schedule start date and completion date.
8How soon can construction start?
Depending on the size of the job and location. Jobs can start from 1 week to 1 month from the time awarded the contract.

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