Rental and lease Services

Best living options and to provide owners a hassle-free way to rent out their properties.

Pangasinan Builders do not just Create new Construction or Renovate but we also have a Property Management Division that focus on Managing rental or leased property, Property Maintenance for subdivisions and apartment/condo complexes.

Savings in budget

Management overseeing of projects and budgeting

Expertise of top construction Companies

Efficiency from a unified team for ordering and delivery

Commercial Space

Providing commercial space for our clients is one of the many diverse work we do interiorly. Being able to put our client’s vision and refined finishes is our mandate.

Home Space

Changing the design of a home or renovations allow our team to create a new look that the client will enjoy and feel their home has become a better fit and feel. Often we create and present ideas if the home owner does not know or needs a friendly direction of how their home will look with the changes.


We are an experienced company that provides diverse work, understanding of the client’s vision and concepts and will always strive to make our clients happy with the end product.